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8 Ways to Study in Canada Without a Study Permit



Canada, renowned for its quality education and diverse cultural landscape, is an enticing destination for international students. However, recent announcements regarding a cap on international study permits have left many wondering about alternative avenues to pursue education in the country.

Here, we delve into the possibilities of studying in Canada without a study permit, exploring exemptions and eligibility criteria set forth by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


How to Study in Canada Without a Study Permit?

While obtaining a study permit is typically required for foreign nationals, there are exceptions that may apply to certain individuals. Here, we explore 08 ways you can study in Canada without needing a study permit.

1. Short-term Programs

International students enrolling in post-secondary programs lasting six months or less are exempt from requiring a study permit. This option provides a convenient pathway for those seeking short-term educational experiences in Canada.

2. Family or Staff of Foreign Representatives

Individuals related to or employed by foreign representatives accredited by Global Affairs Canada may study in Canada without a study permit. However, clarification from the embassy regarding the necessity of a permit is recommended.


3. Members of Foreign Armed Forces

Certain members of foreign armed forces, designated under Canada’s Visiting Forces Act (VFA), can pursue education in Canada without a study permit while on official duty. However, this exemption might not apply to family members, including children. Qualified personnel need a letter of acceptance from Canada’s Department of National Defence.

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4. Registered Indians in Canada

Those holding Registered Indian status in Canada, regardless of their citizenship, are exempt from needing a study permit. This exception highlights Canada’s commitment to Indigenous rights and recognition.


5. Minor Children

Several scenarios exempt minor children from requiring a study permit, including being refugees, children of refugees, or children of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Additionally, unaccompanied minors attending preschool, primary, or secondary school are exempt.

6. Temporary Residents and Asylum Seekers

Eligible temporary residents and asylum seekers in Canada can participate in French language and cultural integration courses in Quebec without a study permit. This exemption supports language learning and integration efforts.

7. Settlement and Integration Courses

Individuals enrolled in provincially or territorially administered settlement and integration courses to facilitate their integration into Canadian society are not required to have a study permit. This option assists newcomers in adapting to their new environment.


8. Temporary Workers with Active Permits

Foreign workers in Canada with a valid work permit issued on or before June 7, 2023, or those awaiting a work permit application/extension decision, may study without a study permit. This provision offers flexibility for individuals balancing work and education.

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Why You Might Still Want a Study Permit

While these exemptions offer flexibility, obtaining a study permit unlocks valuable benefits, especially for minors:


Unlocking Opportunities: A study permit allows access to additional programs, services, and co-op work permits in secondary school (depending on the province/territory).

Smoother Transitions: A study permit simplifies transitioning between education levels without needing a new permit. (Note: Minors need to apply for their permit when they reach the age of majority).

The Working Advantage

Only registered full-time students with a study permit from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) can work on or off campus. Students without a study permit cannot work while studying.


Considering Studying in Canada?

Explore if you qualify for a study permit exemption. Even if you do, obtaining a permit offers valuable opportunities and work possibilities. Research your options and make an informed decision to kickstart your educational journey in Canada!

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