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Canada Labour Force suggests a rise in the employment rate of Canada



Latest survey by Canada’s Labor Force prompts an upsurge in employment.

The latest August 2021 statistics of Canada’s employment rate has been close to February2020, making it the closest since pre-Covid levels. The months prior to August added up to the month’s number of employments which makes the figures close to 1,56,000. The employment rate has risen to 90,000, latest Labor Force Survey suggests.


This data reflects the labor market conditions up to August 21, 2021. The public-health measures have also been at the final stages. This adds to another latest update where Canada opened its borders to fully vaccinated tourists from the U.S. The major improvements in employment were seen in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, while other provinces showed no significant changes. Food and Accommodation services, Service-producing industry along with Information, Culture and Recreation industry were amongst the industries where employment increase was noted significantly. Construction service industry also saw a rise since March.

This is the second month in a row when employment rates were seen at a rise since the onset of pandemic. Before this the unemployment rate was seen at the lowest at 7.1 percent.

Trending Employment Rates of Canadian citizens and Minorities


Immigrants from last 5 years have seen an upward rate of employment to nearly 70 percent which is nearly 6 percent higher than August 2019. This is also because the number of new immigrants were not admitted in 2020 after the advent of pandemic. However, for the Canadian population the the employment rate has come down by 2 percent from the pre-Covid times.

For the Filipino Canadians, the employment rate went up by 5 percent to nearly 78 percent in total. The Black Canadians’ employment rate went up too to nearly 72 percent, while White

Canadians are employed at the rate of 72 percent without a change in its previous percentage.



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