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Dubai Calling! Gamers Welcome with New Gaming Visa Initiative



Gamers, content creators, and industry professionals rejoice! Dubai has launched a brand new initiative – the Gaming Visa Initiative – designed to attract talented individuals and boost the city’s position as a global gaming hub.

This exciting development is part of Dubai’s ambitious Program for Gaming 2033, with the goal of creating 30,000 jobs and generating a staggering $1 billion surge in the emirate’s GDP.


Dubai Gaming Visa Explained

The Dubai Gaming Visa is a new program designed to attract gamers, content creators, and gaming professionals to Dubai. It offers long-term residency through a special Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate. This initiative aims to make Dubai a global gaming hub by 2033.


To qualify for the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate, a few simple requirements need to be met. Firstly, applicants must be at least 25 years old. Additionally, submitting a copy of your passport and a professional CV is necessary.

Documents Required

  • Copy of the passport: A clear copy of your valid passport is mandatory.
  • Educational qualifications: Submit documents showcasing your relevant educational background.
  • Proof of community contributions (optional): Any documentation highlighting your contributions to the gaming community can strengthen your application.
  • Job roles: Briefly outline your desired job roles or areas of expertise within the gaming industry.
  • Residence permits, EIDs (if available): If you already have a residence permit or Emirates ID (EID) in the UAE, include copies in your application.
  • Candidate’s professional CV: A well-crafted CV showcasing your skills and experience in the gaming industry is essential.
  • Additional details: Be prepared to provide information about your current address, place of residence, occupation, and workplace.

Application Process

Individuals eyeing this transformative opportunity are required to navigate through a streamlined application process. Prospective applicants must first submit their credentials via the official website by following the below simple steps.

Step 1 – Submitting the application via the website: The application process is streamlined. You’ll need to submit your application electronically through the Dubai Gaming Initiative website (Gaming Visa Information – DPG33 (


Step 2 – Notifying the customer via e-mail of the application status: Once submitted, you’ll receive updates on your application status via email.

Step 3 – Issuing the ‘Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate’: Upon approval, you’ll be issued the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate, paving the way for your long-term residency visa.

Dubai: A Haven for Gaming

Dubai wants to be a hub for gaming innovation. They’re creating a supportive environment for developers, designers, programmers, and entrepreneurs. Leading tech companies are also welcome, especially those focused on digital content.


Dubai’s Big Gaming Dreams

By 2033, Dubai wants to be a top 10 city for gaming companies! They’re investing heavily and making it easier to get work visas. A new platform cuts processing times from a month to just five days!

Dubai Welcomes You!

In conclusion, Dubai’s Gaming Visa Initiative symbolizes a shift in the global gaming landscape. It underscores Dubai’s commitment to fostering talent, innovation, and economic prosperity. With streamlined processes and visionary leadership, Dubai offers a promising future for content creators worldwide.

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