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Indian Passport Ranks eightieth: Visa-Free Entry to 62 International locations in 2024 (Full Listing)



In a latest growth, the Henley Passport Index unveiled its first report of 2024, bringing with it good news for Indian passport holders. In 2024, the Indian Passport has ascended three locations, now rating at eightieth place with visa-free entry to 62 international locations in comparison with the 83rd rank in 2023.

This surge in international rating is accompanied by a rise within the variety of international locations that Indian passport holders can entry with out the necessity for a visa. Beforehand, Indian travellers loved visa-free entry to 59 international locations, a quantity that has now expanded to 62.

  1. Understanding Visa-Free Journey
  2. Visa-Free International locations For Indians
  3. India’s Historic Passport Rating
  4. World’s Most Highly effective Passports in 2024
  5. Decoding the Henley Passport Index
  6. Conclusion

Understanding Visa-Free Journey

Visa-free journey permits passport holders to enter a international nation with out acquiring a visa beforehand. This privilege streamlines the journey course of, making it extra handy for people to discover and expertise completely different cultures.

The elevated visa-free entry for Indian passport holders signifies a optimistic shift in international journey dynamics, enhancing the convenience of journey for Indian residents.

Visa-Free International locations For Indian Passport Holders in 2024

Indian Passport Ranking in 2024

The 62 international locations providing visa-free entry to Indian passport holders in 2024 embrace a mixture of locations the place travellers can enter fully visa-free and people the place a Visa-On-Arrival is offered.

The listing encompasses various nations akin to Barbados, Bhutan, Jordan, Malaysia, Qatar, Seychelles, Thailand, and extra. This expanded listing displays a optimistic diplomatic and international standing for Indian passport holders.

S. No. Nation Entry Sort
1 Angola Visa-Free
2 Barbados Visa-Free
3 Bhutan Visa-Free
4 Bolivia Visa-On-Arrival
5 British Virgin Islands Visa-Free
6 Burundi Visa-On-Arrival
7 Cambodia Visa-On-Arrival
8 Cape Verde Islands Visa-On-Arrival
9 Comoro Islands Visa-On-Arrival
10 Prepare dinner Islands Visa-Free
11 Djibouti Visa-On-Arrival
12 Dominica Visa-Free
13 El Salvador Visa-Free
14 Ethiopia Visa-On-Arrival
15 Fiji Visa-Free
16 Gabon Visa-Free
17 Grenada Visa-Free
18 Guinea-Bissau Visa-On-Arrival
19 Haiti Visa-Free
20 Indonesia Visa-On-Arrival
21 Iran Visa-On-Arrival
22 Jamaica Visa-Free
23 Jordan Visa-On-Arrival
24 Kazakhstan Visa-Free
25 Kenya Digital Journey Authorization
26 Kiribati Visa-Free
27 Laos Visa-On-Arrival
28 Macao (SAR China) Visa-Free
29 Madagascar Visa-Free
30 Malaysia Visa-Free
31 Maldives Visa-On-Arrival
32 Marshall Islands Visa-On-Arrival
33 Mauritania Visa-On-Arrival
34 Mauritius Visa-Free
35 Micronesia Visa-On-Arrival
36 Montserrat Visa-Free
37 Mozambique Visa-On-Arrival
38 Myanmar Visa-On-Arrival
39 Nepal Visa-Free
40 Niue Visa-Free
41 Oman Visa-Free
42 Palau Islands Visa-On-Arrival
43 Qatar Visa-Free
44 Rwanda Visa-Free
45 Samoa Visa-On-Arrival
46 Senegal Visa-Free
47 Seychelles Visa-On-Arrival
48 Sierra Leone Visa-On-Arrival
49 Somalia Visa-On-Arrival
50 Sri Lanka Visa-On-Arrival
51 Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa-Free
52 St Lucia Visa-On-Arrival
53 St Vincent and the Grenadines Visa-Free
54 Tanzania Visa-On-Arrival
55 Thailand Visa-On-Arrival
56 Timor-Leste Visa-On-Arrival
57 Togo Visa-On-Arrival
58 Trinidad and Tobago Visa-Free
59 Tunisia Visa-Free
60 Tuvalu Visa-On-Arrival
61 Vanuatu Visa-Free
62 Zimbabwe Visa-On-Arrival
Visa-Free International locations for Indian Passport Holders in 2024

Amongst these international locations, 30 grant full visa-free entry, whereas 31 present Visa-On-Arrival choices. Moreover, one nation mandates an Digital Journey Authorization (ETA) for Indian residents.


India’s Historic Passport Rating

India's Historical Passport Ranking

To higher perceive the advance in India’s passport power, it’s priceless to take a look at its historic rankings. Over time, India’s passport rating has witnessed fluctuations, with notable progress evident in latest instances.

The desk beneath showcases India’s historic passport rating from 2006 to 2024:

2006 71st
2007 73rd
2008 seventy fifth
2009 seventy fifth
2010 77th
2011 78th
2012 82nd
2013 74th
2014 76th
2015 88th
2016 eighty fifth
2017 87th
2018 81st
2019 82nd
2020 82nd
2021 ninetieth
2022 87th
2023 83rd
2024 eightieth

World’s Most Highly effective Passports in 2024

The world’s strongest passports in 2024, shared by France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain, high the Henley Passport Index with spectacular visa-free entry to 194 locations.

This coveted standing displays strong diplomatic ties, financial stability, and worldwide affect, providing residents unparalleled international mobility and alternatives for exploration.


Decoding the Henley Passport Index

The Henley Passport Index is a instrument that compares visa-free entry for passports throughout 227 locations. Passports obtain a rating of 1 for no visa necessities or if they permit acquiring a visa on arrival, a customer’s allow, or an digital journey authority (ETA).

Conversely, a rating of 0 is assigned if a visa is required or pre-departure approvals are crucial. The overall rating for every passport displays the variety of locations with no visa necessities (worth = 1).


The optimistic pattern in India’s passport rating on the Henley Passport Index displays a broader international recognition of the nation’s standing. The elevated visa-free entry not solely simplifies journey for Indian passport holders but in addition signifies enhanced diplomatic relations with different nations.


Because the world continues to evolve, the advance in passport power is a testomony to India’s rising affect on the worldwide stage.

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