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Middle East Flight Resumptions: Airline-by-Airline Updates



In the wake of Iran’s recent air attack on Israel, several airlines suspended their flight operations in the Middle East. However, commercial air travel in the Middle East is bouncing back after a temporary suspension of flights in some areas due to recent tensions between Iran and Israel.

Several airlines, including major carriers like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa, have resumed scheduled operations to destinations in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Tel Aviv.


Breakdown of Airline Operations

Major carriers like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa have resumed scheduled operations to destinations in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Tel Aviv. Here’s a detailed look at how each airline is navigating the situation:

1. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines wasted no time in resuming operations. As of Sunday afternoon, they restarted scheduled flights to Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, offering a sigh of relief for travellers with upcoming trips to these destinations.

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways followed suit on Sunday, resuming services to Amman, Beirut, and Baghdad. This means business as usual for those who had booked flights with Qatar Airways to these Middle Eastern cities.


3. Lufthansa

Lufthansa began regular flights again on Tuesday to Tel Aviv, Erbil, and Amman. This is positive news for travellers with upcoming flights on these routes. However, it’s important to note that flights to Beirut and Tehran remain suspended until at least Thursday.

4. Wizz Air

Wizz Air restarted flights to and from Tel Aviv, Amman, and Aqaba on Tuesday. While operations are resuming, travellers with existing bookings should be aware of minor schedule changes. It’s recommended to check with Wizz Air directly to confirm your flight times.

5. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways had initially cancelled services to Tel Aviv and Amman on Sunday. However, there’s good news for travellers hoping to fly these routes soon. The airline is planning to restart scheduled passenger and cargo services between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, Amman, and Beirut.

Important Note: This article details the information available as of April 17, 2024. The situation can change rapidly, so it's crucial to check with your airline directly for the latest updates on their flight schedule before your trip.

Other Airlines Impacted by Recent Tensions

Several other airlines have also been affected by the recent tensions:

EasyJet: All flights to Israel are suspended until October 27. This is a significant suspension, so travellers with EasyJet bookings to Israel should make alternative arrangements.

KLM: All flights to and from Tel Aviv are cancelled up to and including Thursday.


Finnair: Flights are rerouted to avoid Iranian airspace, causing minimal delays. This is a proactive measure taken by Finnair to ensure passenger safety.

SAS: One flight was rerouted due to airspace concerns. This was likely an isolated incident, but it highlights the importance of airlines staying adaptable during periods of regional tension.

Iberia Express: Tel Aviv flights were cancelled on Sunday and Monday. These cancellations have likely already been communicated to affected passengers.


United Airlines: Cancelled Newark – Tel Aviv flight on Sunday. Travellers with United Airlines bookings on this route should have been notified of the cancellation.

Air Canada: Experienced delays and cancellations on Israel flights, with flights to Tel Aviv cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. Air Canada has likely already informed passengers about these disruptions.

Qantas Airways: Flights between Perth and London were temporarily rerouted. This rerouting may have caused minor delays, but Qantas likely took this step to ensure a smooth journey for passengers.


China Southern Airlines: Cancelled Sunday’s flight to Iran. This was likely a precautionary measure due to the ongoing tensions.

Hainan Airlines: Monitoring the situation for their upcoming Israel flight. Hainan Airlines is taking a cautious approach and will likely announce a decision based on the latest developments.

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Air India and Other Airlines

Air India: Flights to Tel Aviv remain suspended until April 20. This suspension is nearing its end, but travellers with Air India bookings to Tel Aviv after April 20 should check for updates.

IndiGo: Rerouted daily Istanbul flights from Delhi and Mumbai to avoid Iranian airspace. This is a minor adjustment, but Indigo likely took this step to optimize flight paths.

Vistara: Making adjustments to some flight paths but hasn’t provided specific details. Vistara is being cautious and may announce specific route changes soon.



While commercial air travel in the Middle East is largely resuming, it’s crucial to stay informed due to the ever-changing situation. Make sure to check with your airline and relevant government websites for the latest updates on flight schedules and travel advisories before booking your trip.

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