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Norway Permanent Residency Made Easier with Relaxed Requirements



Living and working in Norway just got a little easier! As of April 18, 2024, the Norwegian government has simplified the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit. This change removes a significant hurdle for those who dream of calling Norway home.

No More Financial Support Requirement

Previously, applicants aged 18-67 needed to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency for the preceding year. This meant showing they hadn’t received government assistance under the Social Services Act.


The new policy eliminates this requirement, making the application process less restrictive.

Income Still Matters

While financial support is no longer a barrier, applicants must still demonstrate sufficient income. This can come from various sources, including employment, business ownership, pensions, benefits, or even student loans.

Permanent Residence Perks

A permanent residence permit grants you the freedom to live and work in Norway indefinitely. Unlike temporary permits, it doesn’t require renewal after a specific period. Once approved, you’ll receive a residence card, valid for two years at a time, as proof of your permanent resident status.


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Language Test Updates Coming Soon

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is currently revising the language training guide for those who obtained residence permits after January 1, 2021. The existing guide might not reflect the latest requirements, so keep an eye out for the updated version.

Approved Income Sources

Here’s a quick breakdown of income sources considered for permanent residence applications:

  • Employment income
  • Business income (sole proprietorship)
  • Pensions, benefits, or regular payments (interest, insurance settlements, annuities)
  • Sickness, pregnancy, parental, retirement, and unemployment benefits
  • Disability benefits (work assessment allowance)
  • Single parent’s benefit
  • Student loans or grants
  • Introduction benefit (for newly arrived refugees)

Financial Assistance Still Available

It’s important to note that this change doesn’t eliminate all forms of financial assistance. If you encounter financial hardship during your stay, you may still be eligible for basic necessities like food or medical care.

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Ready to Make Norway Your Home?

With the removal of the financial support requirement, Norway has become a more accessible destination for those seeking permanent residency. Research the remaining requirements, ensure you have sufficient income, and prepare for your language test to embark on your Norwegian adventure!

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