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Portugal Faces Possible Suspension from Schengen Area: What You Need to Know



Travellers with their eyes set on Portugal may want to pay close attention to developing news. The European Union (EU) is pressuring Portugal to implement a new border control system, and failure to do so by July 2024 could result in suspension from the Schengen Area.

What is the Schengen Area?

The Schengen Area is a zone comprising 26 European countries that have abolished internal border controls. This allows for passport-free travel between member states. Being part of Schengen is a major perk for Portugal’s tourism industry, and it could be significantly impacted by a suspension.


Why is Portugal at Risk?

The EU mandated a new border control system for all member states. Portugal, however, has yet to implement it due to delays in the procurement process.

The previous administration is being blamed for failing to initiate the tender process for acquiring the necessary equipment despite a €25 million budget allocation.

What are the Efforts to Meet the Deadline?

The current government is working to expedite the process but faces challenges. Using direct contracts to bypass the usual tender process has raised concerns about transparency and efficiency. Additionally, bureaucratic hurdles and approvals from the Accounts Court further complicate matters.


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What’s the Impact on Travellers?

A suspension from Schengen would mean stricter border controls when entering or leaving Portugal. Travellers might experience longer wait times and additional checks.

The looming suspension from the Schengen Area could have profound implications for travellers and visa applicants. If Portugal fails to comply with EU regulations, travellers may face disruptions in their travel plans, including visa requirements and border checks.


While there’s cautious optimism that Portugal might be ready by October, missing the July deadline remains a risk.

What to Do if You’re Planning a Trip to Portugal

Travellers with upcoming trips to Portugal are advised to closely monitor the situation. While a suspension is not guaranteed, it’s best to stay informed. Travellers can check the Portuguese embassy or consulate in their home country for the latest updates.

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Looking Ahead

Portugal’s ability to meet the EU’s deadline will have a significant impact on its economy, security, and international standing. Travellers should stay updated and be prepared for potential delays at the border if a suspension occurs.

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