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Provincial Attestation Letter Expiry Announced



What This Update Means For Study Permit Applicants

There are a few important steps study permit applicants will need to take as a result of this update. 

Add Your PAL Expiry To Your Calendar

First of all, study permit applicants should immediately check their PALs to see whether there is an expiry date. If yours includes a specific expiry date, you should mark this in your calendars and make sure you have submitted your application prior to the expiry date. If your PAL does not have a specific expiry date, mark your calendar with the January 21, 2025 expiry date as a reminder. 


Your study permit application must be submitted before the PAL expires. The PAL does not need to be valid when the study permit application is processed.

Apply For Your Study Permit As Soon As You Can

Even though you only need to submit your application before your PAL expires, you should still prioritize submitting your study permit application as soon as possible. 

Study permit applications have a 60% approval rate, so there is a significant chance that your application may be rejected. If you need to resubmit your application, you will need to do so before your PAL expires, so it’s a good idea to get your initial application in as early as possible. 


If your initial study permit application is rejected, it’s important that you take time to strengthen your application before resubmitting. At this point, it can be helpful to apply for the government notes on your file, which could give detailed reasons for the rejection and a starting point for resubmitting a stronger application. 

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