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Qantas Takes Flight: Daily Bengaluru-Sydney Service Takes Off This Winter



Great news for travelers between India and Australia! Qantas, the national carrier of Australia, is ramping up service to meet the surge in demand during the upcoming winter season.

Starting mid-December 2024 and continuing until late March 2025, Qantas will significantly increase the frequency of flights on the Bengaluru to Sydney route.


The airline will go from offering five flights per week to a convenient daily service, adding over 12,000 seats to accommodate the holiday rush and cater to the strong travel demand between the two countries. This expansion complements Qantas’ existing service connecting Delhi to Melbourne, which operates three times a week.

Enhanced Comfort and Connectivity

Travellers flying on these routes can expect a comfortable and well-connected experience. Qantas utilizes its Airbus A330 fleet for its India services.

These aircraft boast a luxurious Business Class cabin featuring 27 individual suites in a spacious 1-2-1 configuration. Each suite offers direct aisle access and converts into a lie-flat bed for a truly restful journey.


Qantas takes pride in offering a comprehensive travel experience. All international fares include checked baggage allowance, delicious meals and beverages, and in-flight entertainment to keep you entertained throughout your flight.

Cutting-Edge Wi-Fi Access

In line with its commitment to passenger satisfaction, Qantas has unveiled plans to equip its international aircraft, including the A330 fleet, with ‘fast and free’ Wi-Fi. This upgrade will offer ample bandwidth for every passenger, ensuring a reliable and speedy internet connection throughout the journey.

The rollout of this service on flights between India and Australia is scheduled to commence next year, enhancing connectivity and convenience for travelers.


Strategic Response to Demand

Qantas International CEO Cam Wallace expressed enthusiasm about meeting the robust demand for travel between India and Australia. The decision to increase flights to Sydney aligns with the airline’s commitment to facilitating travel and fostering connections, especially during the holiday season.

Wallace emphasized that the additional flights aim to cater to both leisure travelers and those reuniting with family and friends, reflecting Qantas’ dedication to customer satisfaction.


Qantas’ decision to bolster its Bengaluru to Sydney route underscores its commitment to meeting evolving travel demands and enhancing the overall passenger experience. With increased frequency, premium amenities, and innovative in-flight services, Qantas continues to set the standard for comfortable and convenient air travel between India and Australia.


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