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Skift Travel Health Index Shows Softening Trend



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The Travel Health Index in March 2024 shows an overall softening trend compared to the previous month, with the index dropping by 4 points. However, some countries continue to show robust growth, with China, Japan, and Hong Kong out front with double-digit gains.


Skift Research’s latest reading on the Skift Travel Health Index reveals a softening trend in global travel. This is due to the seasonality of demand: Our index dropped 4 percentage points to 105 in March 2024, which mirrors a slowdown we saw this time last year.

Regional performance slowed this month across all regions, matching the decline in March 2023. Asia Pacific continues to trend 12% above 2023 levels. All other regions below the 100 mark indicate that travel performance in March 2024 was below levels seen in March 2023.

Skift Travel Health Index Score by Region

Region 23-Feb 23-Mar Feb-Mar 23 24-Feb 24-Mar Feb-Mar 24
Asia Pacific 165 163 -2 114 112 -2
Europe 124 120 -4 106 98 -8
Latin America 118 116 -2 101 97 -4
Middle East and Africa 122 111 -11 99 92 -7
North America 110 101 -9 103 99 -4
Global Average 141 137 -4 109 105 -4

The Skift Travel Health Index in March 2024 witnessed 9 countries exhibiting growth over 2023 levels. China remains at the forefront, growing 21% year-on-year. Japan’s double-digit growth during the Cherry Blossom season highlights the country’s appeal to travelers, especially after many years of growing pent-up demand. A weakened currency and demand for luxurious experiences are fueling travel in Turkey.

Last year presented a mixed bag, with some countries experiencing a notable travel boom while others were still on a slow path to recovery. As a result, some countries are still witnessing double-digit, year-on-year growth numbers.

Read the March 2024 Highlights and the Travel Health Index dashboard for further insights.

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