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UAE Reduces Residency Visa and Work Permit Processing Time to Just 5 Days



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a groundbreaking change, reducing the processing time for residency visas and work permits from 30 days to a mere five days.

This significant improvement follows the launch of the second phase of the Work Bundle platform on Tuesday, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and simplifying procedures for businesses and workers alike.


Work Bundle: A One-Stop Shop for Work Visas

Developed through collaboration between various government ministries, Work Bundle acts as a centralized platform for acquiring work permits and residency visas. This user-friendly system simplifies the process by:

  • Consolidating eight separate services into one platform.
  • Reducing the number of required steps from 15 to 5.
  • Lowering document requirements from 16 to just 5.
  • Minimizing visits to government offices from 7 to only 2.

Other Features of the Work Bundle

  • Work Bundle
  • Seamless user experience via unified request shared by concerned parties
  • Login to the bundle through the UAE pass
  • One-time information request
  • Avoid visits to complete transactions and reduce document requirement
  • Providing proactive services
  • Payment after every major step
  • Providing dashboards, reports and labour statistics
UAE Work Bundle

Phased Rollout Across the Emirates

The Work Bundle platform initially debuted in Dubai in April and has now been successfully extended across all seven emirates. This strategic expansion covers approximately 600,000 companies and impacts over seven million workers, ensuring a comprehensive and unified approach to employment document processing throughout the nation.

Benefits for Businesses and Workers

The streamlined Work Bundle system offers a multitude of advantages:

Faster business growth: Companies can hire new employees swiftly, reducing delays and boosting productivity.


Enhanced competitiveness: The UAE has become a more attractive location for international businesses seeking to establish a presence in the region.

Simplified relocation: Skilled professionals can obtain work visas and residency permits efficiently, making the UAE a more viable career option.

Nationwide Implementation

Following a successful pilot program in Dubai, Work Bundle is now operational across all seven emirates. This initiative is expected to benefit a vast population, encompassing:

  • Over 600,000 companies seeking to expand their workforce.
  • More than seven million workers, both existing and new, reside in the UAE.

Driving Future Growth

By cutting the processing time to just five days, the UAE is positioning itself as a leader in innovative governance and business facilitation. This move not only enhances the attractiveness of the UAE as a business destination but also supports the growth of the workforce by providing faster access to necessary work and residency documentation.

For further details on how the Work Bundle platform can benefit your business or to begin the application process, visit the official government portal here.

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