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Educational Credential Assessments for Foreign-Trained Architects: IRCC Announces Changes



Changes for Foreign-Trained Architects

CACB will become a designated organization for issuing ECAs for Architects next month. CACB also administers the ‘Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect (BEFA) Program’. This program facilitates the registration process for internationally-trained architects who want to work as licensed architects in Canada. 

It is important to remember that receiving an ECA does not mean you are licensed to practice in a regulated profession in Canada. It is just one step in the process. Architects are regulated by the provincial or territorial government in Canada, so you will need to check with your planned destination to see what you will be required to do to get licensed in Canada. 


We are waiting for further information and announcements from CACB about its ECA program and will update this post in due course. 

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