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What Newcomers Should Know About Canada’s 2024 Federal Budget



Community Inclusion & Safety

Canada’s budget notes that one in three people in Canada is a member of a racialized or religious minority community and that the country has welcomed newcomers from around the world for generations. It also notes that there have been some recent issues relating to hate that the government is committed to combating. 

While there are a range of measures designed to combat hate of all kinds, there is a particular emphasis on addressing the rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia. The Action Plan on Combatting Hate package proposes to provide around $7.3 million over six years to create safer and more inclusive communities. 


The messaging for newcomers here should be clear: Canada is diverse, welcoming, and tolerant, and it is committed to staying that way. 

Finally, Canada is a relatively safe country, but it isn’t perfect. Canada’s Eastern provinces, for example, face significant risks relating to auto theft, while gender-based violence is also problematic. The budget introduces measures designed to address these safety issues, which impact all Canadian residents, including newcomers. 

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