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US Makes Getting a Student Visa Easier for Indians: Wait Times Reduced



The US embassy in India is prioritizing student visas, anticipating a rise in applications from Indian students this year. Ambassador Eric Garcetti emphasized the importance of student visas, citing the lasting bonds formed between students and the US.

Focus on Student Visas

“We put a high priority on student visas because we know these ties last a lifetime,” said Ambassador Garcetti. He highlighted President Biden’s specific request to reduce visa wait times for Indians, acknowledging the desire for families and colleagues to reunite.


Record-Breaking Student Visa Issuance

Illustrating the growing interest in American education among Indian students, Garcetti revealed that the US consular team in India issued over 140,000 student visas last year, setting a record for the third consecutive year.

This surge in visa issuance reflects the enduring appeal of US universities and the unwavering commitment to accommodate the increasing demand for educational opportunities.

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US Embraces Surge in Indian Students

“This year, we are preparing to accommodate the new higher numbers,” said Ambassador Garcetti. He attributed the success in handling the previous year’s surge to the dedicated efforts of embassy staff who worked overtime to meet student deadlines.

The continued appeal of US universities, with their strong academic programs and research opportunities, is seen as a key driver for the expected increase in Indian student applications.

Reduced Visa Wait Times

There is also positive news for Indian tourists seeking US visas. Garcetti reaffirmed his commitment to further reducing wait times for visa processing, particularly for first-time visitors from India.


He highlighted the significant progress made in this regard, with waiting times for tourist visas reduced by 75%. As part of ongoing efforts, Garcetti aims to streamline visa processing across all categories, ensuring swift and efficient service for applicants.

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In conclusion, the US embassy in India prioritizes student visas, anticipating a surge in applications. They are prepared for the increase and committed to reducing wait times. Indian students remain enthusiastic about US universities, and there’s positive news for tourists with significantly reduced visa wait times.


(With Inputs from PTI News)

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